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WRITER DIRECT - Weekly Webinar Community

WRITER DIRECT - Weekly Webinar Community

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Open to all for free in the Weeks of March!

When you purchase the WRITER DIRECT subscription, the first charge will be April 5th, the day of the first paid meetings. The previous 3 meetings will be in the workshop portal for you to view at you convinience.

To visit the free webinar and check out WRITER DIRECT, email for the free ZOOM meeting login information.

Starting April 5th, the subscription will become paid and all will be run out of the WMG Writer Store workshop page.

If you have any questions, please email us!


Join our community of writers focused on creating a relationship directly with their readers!

  • Learn from how-tos on direct selling and marketing for writers with tools like Shopify, Bookfunnel, and Canva, including live demonstrations.
  • Get the inside scoop from discussions on cutting edge developments in the writing industry.
  • Be inspired by overall sales and marketing strategies specifically for writers.
  • Have fun! We always love Show'n'Tell were everyone can show off products they have made.

And get involved!

These webinars are community inspired. Which means demonstration requests and questions from the writers on the webinar - whether attending live or watching at another time - are strongly encouraged.

And we do want to hear from those unable to attend live! If you post a store, a new item, have a question – please reach out and let us know! You do not need to attend live to be actively involved.

Writer Direct is a truly supportive community where everyone learns through shared successes and failures in a friendly, welcoming environment.

Wear your swag, promote yourself, support others. Laugh. It is a time that most of us look forward to in our week.

So whether you're with us live or watching in the background - you are so welcome to join our Writer Direct family!

Your Webinar Hosts (Two Writing Business Industry Leaders):

Dean Wesley Smith

  • Co-Owner of WMG Publishing, Inc.
  • Published Writer With More Than 30 Million Books Sold
  • Instructor of Over 100 Writer Workshops (Writing Craft & Business)
  • 50 Years Experience in the Publishing World

Stephanie Writt

  • Director of Operations, WMG Publishing Inc.
  • Graphic Designer/Business & Marketing Geek
  • Took a sales stagnant $500K a year ecommerce business to over $6.1 million a year in sales within 4 years. And had a blast doing it.
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